Hope the below list will be able to solve most of your queries. If you are still having problems regarding anything, please feel free to contact

1. How can I express interest in a profile?
When you shortlist a profile, you get an option to notify the profile owner. This way, you can express interest in their profile. Alternatively, in your "My Shortlists" section, you can notify the profile owner.
2. How can I hide my mobile number?
After you verify your email, in the profile edit section you will see an option to hide your mobile number. But, we recommend not to hide mobile number, rather give the mobile number of your parents. Many people using our site are not Internet savvy, and they prefer contacting the profile owner over phone.
3. I cannot see mobile numbers, access is restrcted.
Our system allows a person to only see a limited number of mobile numbers in a day, to prevent abuse. Please review the profile, and in particular Partner Preference section. Please only contact the other person, if you think their profile is a good match with your profile.
4. Can I upload horoscope image?
Yes you can specify horoscope details like date, time and place of birth, or you can upload a scanned horoscope image file.
5. Is the profile information verified?
We do not verify or recommend any member profile. Users and members are requested to verify and do background checks at their own level. We do not vouch for the authenticity or genuiness or correctness of any matrimonial advertisement / profile given on the site. All matrimonial alliances or any contacts established out of the information given on the site, is at the sole risk of the concerned parties. Please be sensible and exercise due caution.
6. How to hide or delete my profile?
Login with your login information, go to "My Profiles", then click on the edit button on the profile. In the bottom of edit profile page, there is an option to hide or delete the profile.
7. Please provide mangalik option, or show horoscope.
We do not believe in such astrological discriminations, and do not want to encourage such beliefs. Members are free to state it in their profiles.
8. Please provide an option for physically disabled.
We do not support any discrimination, and do not want to encourage it. Peope can suffer from a range of physical issues, they are again free to state it in their profiles.